Digital Marketplace is moving to BuyICT

We’re moving your Digital Marketplace account and data over to BuyICT.

There’s no access to your Digital Marketplace account from 24 May 2022.

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What you need to know

From Monday 23 May to Monday 30 May 2022 there are changes to the way you can use your account.

Before we move your account and data over you need to do a few things to get ready in time.

Key dates

Before Friday 20 May 2022

  • Finish and submit any category applications – incomplete applications are not moved over.

Before Tuesday 24 May 2022

  • You need to ask any questions about an RFQ.

From Monday 30 May 2022

  • We’ll send you an email with a temporary password by Monday 30 May 2022.
  • Once you get the email from us, you’ll need to create a new BuyICT password before you can log in.
  • You’ll have up to 90 days to create a new password to start using BuyICT.

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