Digital Platform Engineering & DevOps

Containers, Docker, Kubernetes, Kong, Istio, Orchestration, OpenShift - where to start?

Red Boss has experience designing and implementing digital platforms for startups and global enterprises.

Platforms for Big Data, Streaming Analytics, Middleware, Containers, Microservices, Integration and serverless computing.

We specialise in capability development & service transition.

CI/CD Automation:
Build, Test & Deploy

Red Boss can help modernise your existing asset base - from a single application to an entire portfolio.

We can setup and configure open-source or cloud-based solutions to support the CI/CD processes including source code and binary artefact repository managers.

We specialise in automating build, testing and deployment processes.

Cloud Migration:
Any cloud or Hybrid

From lift-and-shift to total replacement, Red Boss can assist with:

We can transition application assets from Monolithic to Microservices architecture by adapting or re-engineering.

We can design and implement Event-Driven Architectures to integrate on-premises systems with the cloud.

We can transform existing application assets for multi-tenancy and Software-as-a-Service.

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